This February, celebrate your girls.

7 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Sure, the first few weeks of February are full of arrow-flinging babies and heart-shaped chalk candy, but that doesn’t mean you have to only focus on your love interest this time of year. Make this Valentine’s Day a Galentine’s Day instead, and focus on the women who make your life great. Celebrate your BFFs this year, and remember: Heart-shaped chocolate boxes are still totally appropriate. Here are seven ideas for the perfect Galentine’s celebration:

1. Baking Party

Get your besties together and pick out a recipe that’s way over everyone’s head. Make yourselves a batch of margaritas (or mockaritas) and unleash your inner bakers. Yes, the odds are high you’ll totally mess up, but that’s the fun. If you do succeed, however, you’ll have made a culinary masterpiece you can enjoy together.

All Occasion Cookies

Another way to have a fun baking party together is to make and decorate sugar cookies. You can try to decorate them artistically, but we recommend getting silly. Funny cookies are better than pretty cookies any day of the week, and outfitting a bunch of treats with your squad’s favorite inside jokes is the perfect way to celebrate how great you all are together.

2. Wine Tasting

Search around and see if there are any wine tastings in your area. These are a great way to find out what kinds of wines you like, spend time with friends and, of course, indulge in some reds and whites. You and your pals are sure to have tons of fun comparing chardonnays and sipping malbecs.

Don’t know anything about wine? You can go one of two ways – you can use this as a chance to learn, or you can compete to see who can best bluff her way through a conversation about tannins. Extra points goes to anyone who can get a stranger to agree with her nonsense.


3. Ice Skating

The definition of friendship is pretending not to notice when your friend wipes out on the ice. The definition of best-friendship is laughing so hard you fall, too. Heading to an ice-skating rink is the perfect way to spend an afternoon slipping, sliding and generally showing off how totally uncoordinated you are.

On the off-chance you have an ice skating expert in your midst, ask her to show you a few moves. By the end of the day, your whole group might be skating backward – or at least letting go of the wall.

4. Makeovers

It might seem a little high school, but giving your friends makeovers never goes out of style. However, this is not the time for everyone to perfect her “no-makeup makeup” look. Give one another all-out, dramatic transformations.

Top it off by heading out for a night on the town – or, if you’re feeling silly, take a trip to the grocery store. Walk like models down the canned food aisle, and assure anyone who asks that you’re on your way to a big photo shoot.

5. Learn Together

Is there something you and your friends have always thought would be exciting to learn? See if there are any local classes, and go together to give it a shot! Not only will it be an awesome way to spend an hour or two, but you’ll also build a skill to take home. For example, you might take a cake decorating class and leave an expert in icing and piping. Alternatively, you might be terrible at whatever you’re trying to learn, but being awful at something alongside your best friends is still pretty great.

6. Shop (Real or Window)

Going out together on a shopping spree is always tons of fun, even if you don’t plan to actually purchase anything. Gather your girlfriends together, and head out to all your favorite shops. Try on clothes you’d never choose on your own, and model them in the changing area. You can even pick outrageous or daring outfits for one another: You’ll have a great time trying clothes outside of your comfort zone, and you might even discover that you can rock a look you’d never considered before!

7. Craft Night

Search around online for a fun DIY project – or projects – that you and your friends can make together. Crafting in groups is great because you can rely on one another’s strengths. If one friend has a trick for getting a thin layer of glue on wood, you all get to take advantage of that knowledge. It’s like you’re a group of crafting superheroes: powerful on your own, but unstoppable as a group. Before you know it, you’ll all have perfectly made crafts ready to display on walls and end tables.

Of course, it might not work out that way. If it turns out your group doesn’t have any hidden crafting talents, that’s fine – just post the results online as #pinterestfails.

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  1. Cindy Keller February 15, 2023 at 7:47 pm #

    All sound good but I’m looking to have a housewarming party any hints

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