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Weeknight Soups: Fast, Flavorful, One-Pot Meals

Weeknight Soups: Fast, Flavorful, One-Pot Meals

Soup is a great option for an easy, quick, one-pot meal. Plus, homemade soup is healthy and affordable. Here are ideas for easy soup recipes for dinner.
Quick Cooker Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Pressure Cooker Desserts for Any Occasion

During any celebration or family gathering, it's helpful to have a few pressure cooker recipes ready when your food prep time and space in the oven are both limited. From homemade cheesecake to chocoflan, try something a little extra special. Everyone will be talking about how your dessert was the
Brown Butter Tortellini

Top 10 Pampered Chef Recipes of 2023

You browsed, baked, roasted, cooked, and commented on hundreds of our recipes this year. Here are your top 10 favorites from 2023.

How to Make the Best Holiday Cookies

Get delicious and well-decorated cookies for every holiday with these tips and ideas! Your cookies will be the start of the table.
Snack Board

Turn a Snack Board Into the Best Meal

When you think of charcuterie boards, fancy dinner parties may come to mind, but you don’t need a special occasion to make any meal or snack into a board. Pick a meal and deconstruct it to its essential parts with a focus on using a variety of flavors and textures.