There’s a reason we remember celebrations—the big moments in our lives that leave big impressions in our hearts. Find inspiration and ideas for holiday meals that leave us stuffed, romantic dinners that make us blush, and parties that still make us laugh long after they’re over.

Loaded Vegetable Omelet

Unique and Easy Brunch Recipes

Spring is a time for celebrations: Easter, Mother's Day, showers, and more. And nothing complements a spring party like a delicious brunch.
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How to Plan, Prep, and Give Edible Gifts During the Holidays

How to Plan, Prep, and Give Edible Gifts During the Holidays

Master the art of edible Christmas gifts you can make in advance. Here’s how to turn homemade treats into perfect DIY gifts for friends.
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Easter Eggs 101

Easter Eggs 101: Cooked, Decorated & Delicious

Easter eggs are an essential spring tradition. Dyeing eggs (and hunting them) is a fantastic activity the whole family can do at home. However, it can get a little chaotic and messy.Here are a few basics you’ll need to give everyone a memorable Easter craft project that won’t totally destroy your kitchen. Plus, get some nifty tips on storing your eggs and clever ways to eat them. Hard-Boiled Eggs The easiest way to hard-boil your
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Numbers and Letters Cake Pan

How to Make Number and Letter Cakes for Any Celebration

Make all of your celebrations even more memorable with a personalized cake in the shape of a monogram or special number.
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Homemade Donuts in Gift Boxes

11 Hostess Gifts From the Heart, Not the Mall

Finding a unique hostess gift can feel overwhelming during the holidays. Skip the mad rush to the mall and thank your hosts with a thoughtful, edible gift.
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Quick Cooker Pumpkin Cream Cheese

5 Pressure Cooker Desserts for Any Occasion

During any celebration or family gathering, it's helpful to have a few pressure cooker recipes ready when your food prep time and space in the oven are both limited. From homemade cheesecake to chocoflan, try something a little extra special  and everyone will be talking about how your dessert was the highlight of the event. Pressure Cooker Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bundt Cake 1. Cheesecake Fresh, homemade cheesecake will delight family and friends. You
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