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Quick Cooker

How to Use a Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cookers don't need to be intimidating! Here's 3 easy pressure cooker recipes to get you started and comfortable with pressure cooking.
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Modular Sheet Pans

Dinner’s Made Easy With Modular Sheet Pans

One-pan meals turn daily dinner struggles into mealtime wins, but what do you do when your main course and side dish require different cooking times? With our Modular Sheet Pans, your meat or fish, and vegetables won’t have to stay in the oven for the same amount of time. Instead,
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White Bean, Kale & Sausage Stew

How to Make Mirepoix

Many people—including professional chefs—call mirepoix the secret sauce of any good meal. Why? Because it adds a little extra oomph to flavoring homemade soups, stews, casseroles, braised meats, and even marinades. Made with a few veggies cooked in butter or oil, mirepoix lends an appetizing aroma to your kitchen and
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Braised Chicken Thighs With Root Vegetables

What is Braising?

Braising means searing or browning an ingredient to develop color and flavor, then simmering it in a flavorful liquid, so the food becomes tender. Reasons to Braise Braising is one of our favorite ways to make meat that’s packed with flavor or some incredibly delicious veggies and lentils. Braising might
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Flex+ Multi Prep Set

Flex+ Every Day in the Kitchen

Flex+ Multi-Prep SetFlex+ Immersion BlenderFlex+ Hand MixerFlex+ Food Processor Previous Next The Flex+ Multi-Prep Set is a cordless tool that includes attachments for an immersion blender, a 6-cup (1.5-L) food processor, and a hand mixer.Each tool is powerful on its own, lets you prep food anywhere, and saves storage space
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Weeknight Rightovers: Featuring Your Electric Grill & Griddle

Weeknight Rightovers: Featuring Your Electric Grill & Griddle

As part of our series on rightovers, @midwestlifeandstyle transforms grilled chicken leftovers into a fresh, picture-worthy pizza.
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