How to Choose the Right Onion

Picking the right onion for your meal can create the ideal flavor profile you’re going for, so choose wisely!

Keep yellow onions on hand above white and red. They’re versatile, have a sugar content great for caramelizing, and should be your go-to if a recipe doesn’t specify the onion type.

White onions have a milder flavor and don’t last as long in your pantry. These onions make great sandwich or burger toppings.

Red onions, the mildest in flavor, add a fresh bite and pop of color to fresh dishes like salads. You can still cook with them, but they might change the color of your dish!

Tools That Make It Easy

Chop your onions any which way with great knives. Our Coated Knife Set gives you control over any cutting task in the kitchen. 

Try your hand at caramelizing onions with this French Onion & Mushroom Soup recipe!

French Onion & Mushroom Soup

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