You Got This

Our You Got This video series are quick videos that showcase quick tips to make your time in the kitchen easier and more delicious.

Here’s a collection of our favorites from the series!


How to Make an Easy Marinade

Every marinade starts with fat, acid, and seasoning to make meat tastier, juicier, and more tender! Try one out in your next dinner.

How to Choose the Right Onion

Choose red onions for mild fresh flavor, white onions for toppings like burgers, and yellow onions for cooking!

How to Use Your Broiler

Your broiler helps create crispness, browning, and texture fast with high heat—learn how to get the most out of it!

How to Make a Rainbow Fruit Salad

Create a beautiful rainbow fruit salad to enjoy during Pride Month, as a tasty refreshing summer treat, or any time of year!

How to Make Air Fried Onions

You'll crave these tasty air fried and breaded onion petals as a snack all the time—and the best part is, these bites are easy to make!

How to Spatchcock a Chicken

Get tasty baked birds in less time by spatchcocking. Snip out the backbone, turn the chicken over, oil and season to taste, and bake!