Roasted Vegetable Salad

Ready to Refresh and Renew

We’re ready for a new year and a new start. But it’s still chilly and we’re tired of the 2020 routine, so finding new ways to feel strong and healthy and after a holiday season that had more at-home time than most years, we’re looking for ways to reconnect with our friends and community. 

Eat Well

The holiday food season is a delight: Puff pastry and eggnog and cookies, oh my! But, it’s enough to make your heart sing when you take your first bite of January salad or bite into a crisp apple. Here are some of our new year healthful eating inspirations (because we love feeling great and refuse to compromise on fabulous flavor). 


Want more of all of this? Host a party in this month and you and your friends can learn all our favorite ways to Eat Well in 2021! 

Take Care of Yourself

Comfort food can be good for your heart. The best recipes fill you up, body and soul. Warm and satisfying soups, one-pot meals that are filled with nutrition and nostalgia, and a few sweets, because well, chocolate!

Community & Connection

Meals with loved ones can help get us through challenging times, not only eating together but preparing meals together strengthens relationships.

Over the past months, many of us have been isolated from family and friends. Here are ways to help strengthen our friendships and communities even if we can’t be together quite yet. We’ve also increased our contribution up to 30% of the total sales of fundraiser parties to our Round Up From the Heart program.