Make meal preparation a lot easier and faster by using the right tools.

Clever Kitchen Tools That’ll Keep Your Hands Mess-Free

Along with drying out your hands, washing them in the sink can substantially slow down your meal prep. Avoid the need to constantly clean your hands (and your kitchen) by using tools that will contain the mess:

Choppers and Slicers

Unless you're a professional chef or seriously know how to wield a knife, cutting vegetables is a task that can seem to take ages. Prepping your veggies doesn't have to be labor intensive, though. You can get the job done in a flash – with less mess – using kitchen tools made for the task.

A food chopper cutting walnuts. Take advantage of useful cutting tools in your kitchen.
  • Food Chopper: Skip the tears and let the food chopper prep your onions in seconds. Simply give the plunger a few swift hits until you've diced the onion to your desired size.
  • Spiral & Slice: Make coin and half-slice pieces of any veggie you place inside this tool. If you want to make some tasty toppings for a pizza or salad, then put them in the slicer and you'll have everything you need.
  • Simple Slicer: Slice prep time in half and keep things mess-free by holding the tool over a cutting board. The best part about the Simple Slicer is you can adjust the cut thickness. If you want thin veggie rounds for Au Gratin Potatoes you can use the slicer to create pieces that are the same size.
A bamboo tablet stand holding a tablet with a recipe pulled up. Keeping your cookbook or tablet off the counter means no sauce stains or smudged screens.

Mess-Free Countertops

Meal prep usually results in spills on your counter – cleaning up these messes slows you down and creates another job to do when cooking. Instead of making your kids wait to eat while you wipe down the kitchen, avoid the mess in the first place:

  • Spoon Rest: Stop leaving a pool of gravy behind on the counter and stove by placing your utensils on a spoon holder. The utensil rest will collect your mess in a little bowl, leaving your countertops spotless.
  • Cutting Board With Wells: Liquid can seep onto the counter when you chop food, especially meat. A cutting board with wells will direct this juice to a designated area of the board. Models with pour spouts make disposing of the liquid easy.
  • Tongs: Speaking of messy foods, don't dirty your hands by picking up raw meat – chicken juice isn't the greatest moisturizer. Instead, use tongs to transfer ingredients from one place to another.
  • Bamboo Tablet Stand: Though it's called a tablet stand, this tool can also help you prop up a traditional cookbook, too. Either way, this stand will keep your counter clutter-free. How often do you find yourself moving your tablet out of the way while cooking? By placing it on this stand, you clear more work space on the counter and won't have to readjust your tablet.

These are just a few useful tools you should be using in your kitchen. You'll be surprised by how much free time you have once you no longer have to clean up a cooking mess.

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    How do you clean the cutting boards? mine all have stains that I can not get out. I am scared to use bleach as it might stay on the board and get into my food.

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