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15 College Dorm Kitchen Essentials

Depending on the college or university, access to a kitchen varies widely for students. A microwave and mini fridge are staples in most dorm rooms. And, many dorms also have a communal kitchen. College students who can whip up a few meals for themselves can save a lot of precious cash and develop an important skill that will serve them in their adult lives.

When shopping for dorm supplies, don’t forget a few key kitchen tools. Many are small and easy to store when space is at a premium. Here’s your essential dorm kitchen tool checklist.

1. Small Micro-Cooker  $9.50

If the microwave is the primary cooking tool in the dorms, this little wonder will steam veggies, heat up soup, and even poach chicken breasts for a fast, healthy meal. The lid doubles as a strainer for vegetables or pasta.

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small micro-cooker

2. Pizza & Crust Cutter  $15

Pizza is a way of life in college, so this pizza cutter is one of the most prized tools a student can own. The exclusive crust cutter gets all the way through deep-dish and thick-crust pizzas.

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Pizza & Cust Cutter

3. Personal Size Pizza Stone  $17

Stoneware is ideal for getting oven-like results from a microwave. This 8½” stone fits nicely into a small microwave or toaster oven for making or reheating pizza, but it will also be a student’s go-to pan for reheating leftovers.

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Personal Size Round Stone

4. Microwave Popcorn Maker  $25

Microwave popcorn is the ultimate power snack for college students. Now they can have all the convenience of microwavable popcorn without extra cost and greasy, buttery bags (gross). This reusable popcorn maker is collapsible for convenient storage too.

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Microwave Popcorn Maker

5. 4-qt. Collapsible Serving Bowl  $22.50

This bowl pops open to serve chips, popcorn, or salads. Then it collapses down into a thin disc that fits in any closet or cabinet. When it’s collapsed, it also creates a well that can neatly hold chips and dip.

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4-qt Collapsible Serving Bowl

6. Mini Measure-All® Cup  $7

Another great all-in-one space-saver. This cup measures liquid and dry ingredients in one tool. And it’s designed to make measuring portions of yogurt, peanut butter, and honey less messy.

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Mini Measure-All Cup

7. Coated Utility Knife  $16

Knives are essential tools in every kitchen, and the green utility knife covers the basics—slicing fruits, veggies, and meat. All our knives are coated stainless steel blades, corrosion-resistant, and nonstick. Pair it with the colorful Flexible Cutting Mat Set. These three mats are designed with helpful tips to help new cooks learn knife skills and food prep. Add on the Small Flexible Cutting Mat Set for quick chopping tasks on small countertops.

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Coated Utility Knife

8. Ceramic Egg Cooker  $15.50

Give busy students a break from cold cereal and breakfast bars with something warm and healthy. This handy cooker is designed to pop eggs or oatmeal in the microwave, and it’s portable. No more excuses to be late for class or skip a meal. Bonus! You can also use it for microwave mug cakes. Did someone say: “study break?”

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Ceramic Egg Cooker

9. Mini Mix ‘N Scraper®  $10.50

This is like a spoon and scraper in one. It’s built to take what any novice college dorm cook can dish out. It won’t come apart, split, stain, burn, melt, or crack. But it’s still not a good idea to accidently leave it in the oven!

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Mini Mix 'N Scraper

10. Leakproof Glass Containers  $11-$24

Available in four sizes, these containers are essential for keeping leftovers handy during the week. That’s how to stretch one take-out Moo Shu Beef into one or two more weeknight dinners. The containers are also microwave-safe for cooking dorm room meals.

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11. Make & Take Mason Jar Set  $27.50

The trendiest way to carry a salad for optimal freshness is layered in a mason jar. Pampered Chef’s version goes a step further with a built-in dressing cup in the lid (no soggy salads!), a nesting snack jar, plus spoon and fork. This set also includes a sleek carrier to pack and go.

It’s perfect for fast-paced schedules when there’s no time to stop for lunch or dinner at the student union.

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Make & Take Mason Jar Set

12. Basic Tool Set  $20.50

These are the staples students need in the dorm—and later in their apartment kitchens. The set includes just what they’ll need.

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Basic Tool Set

13. Smooth-Edge Can Opener  $21.50

Most dorm-inspired meals start with something in a can. This opener eliminates sharp edges and plucks the lid right off so no one has to touch it.

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Smooth-Edge Can Opener

14. Small Batter Bowl  $15

Every kitchen, big or small, needs a mixing bowl. Our batter bowls have measurement markings on their sides, and the small version is another microwave BFF. Mix and cook in one bowl!

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Small Batter Bowl

15. Tool Turn-About  $20

Nobody has the time or space to deal with junk drawers, especially in dorms. This clutter management tool will keep that kitchenette neat and tidy. Its spinning compartments can also keep hair products and makeup contained in a bathroom. And it makes a great gift for art students as a place to keep their pencils, brushes, and pens.

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Tool Turn-About

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5 Responses to 15 College Dorm Kitchen Essentials

  1. Janet August 6, 2016 at 11:09 pm #

    Thank you for this AWESOME list of ideas!! I was so busy thinking about bedding and things like that – I hadn’t even thought about setting up the kitchen!! You’ve saved me from having to run around WalMart and buy sub-par products we’d end up replacing in a few weeks!

    • Amy Schram August 26, 2016 at 6:41 pm #

      I’m glad you found it helpful. My daughter leaves next Thursday for college and has a whole boxful of PC tools 🙂 Did you get everything you needed? Have any questions about use and care?

    • Abbey September 4, 2016 at 10:14 am #

      I agree Janet, this list is fantastic! So glad to have it as a resource 🙂

    • Janice Alston September 11, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

      I wish they had these things back when I went to college!

  2. Vanessa Burritt October 23, 2016 at 12:07 am #

    Are there any recipes for the micro cooker?

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