Not Your Mom’s Homemade Ice Cream [Video]

In this episode of “In the Kitchen With Pampered Chef,” Tim and Stephanie flex their creative muscles while making sweet treats. Tim shows us how to take a yummy Basic Vanilla Ice Cream recipe and dress it up with rainbow cereal or make a couple simple tweaks to end up with Honey Butter Shortbread Ice Cream.

Stephanie Michel is a baking and pastry expert in our Product Development department. This month she joined us In the Kitchen to teach us about the popular Hong Kong street food, bubble waffles, and how to make them even more fun—by making them rainbow! She also lets us know why sugar is considered a “wet” ingredient, and you’ll learn once and for all if you can eat honeycomb.

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This compact Ice Cream Maker won’t take over your counter space, and will let you indulge in smooth, creamy ice cream—without premium ice cream brand sticker shock. Homemade ice cream is a great option for families who need to keep an eye out for allergens, too. 

Featured Recipes

Honey Butter Shortbread Ice Cream

Make this delicious twist on our Basic Vanilla Ice Cream by adding honey in place of half of the sugar and including just a bit of salt. The honey-butter swirl that drifts through the ice cream combined with crispy shortbread cookies transforms basic vanilla into a sophisticated crowd-pleaser.

Bubble Waffles
Bubble Waffles

Start with with this basic bubble waffle recipe, maybe try a chocolate variation, and then start flexing your creativity. The fun rainbow swirl cones that Stephanie demonstrates in the video are easier to accomplish than you might think and they make a great foundation for any kind of ice cream.

Tim and Stephanie's Top Tips

  • If you decide to mix extra ingredients into your custom ice cream, add your mix-ins to the Ice Cream Maker when there’s about a minute left in the cycle. The mix-ins will be distributed throughout the ice cream without being blended so well that they lose any shape or texture.
  •  Bubble waffles will cool pretty quickly, so if you’re going to make a cone, you’ll want to form it within about a minute of taking it out of the pan.

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  1. Wayne Weidner June 27, 2019 at 10:12 pm #

    For those with Diabetes, stevia could be used instead of sugar. Heavy whipping cream has only 1 gram sugar. Milk has 12 grams sugar. Use no sugar almond milk in place of the milk.

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