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Kid-Friendly Snacks

A handful of minutes and a few ingredients are all you need to whip up these fun and fabulous kid-approved snack recipes.

Peanut Butterflies

Take the classic ants on a log treat to a delicious new level. A small celery stick, a schmear of peanut butter, a couple of apple slices for wings, and pretzel stick antennae are all it takes.

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Peanut Butterflies  

Monster Smoothie

Make this mean, green smoothie—chock-full of good-for-you fruit mixed into a yogurt, milk, and honey base—and prove to kids that healthy food doesn’t have to be scary!

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Monster Smoothie  

Fast Snacks

Kids love eating food when it’s served in a fun shape. Slice up an apple and a few grapes and these cute cars come together faster than a Formula 1 racecar!

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Apple Cars  

Curl Ups

Curl thin strips of carrot into a pinwheel shape then fill with flavored cream cheese or hummus. This is a great make-ahead snack.

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Carrot Curls  

Fun with Froyo

Who needs ice cream when these delicious and nutritious Greek yogurt frozen fruit pops are at the ready?

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Greek Yogurt Pops  

Tiny Toadstools

What kid wouldn’t want to devour a few of these fun mozzarella and tomato treats?

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Mozzarella & Tomato Mushrooms  

Making Shapes

Transform a basic sandwich into a lunchbox delight by cutting simple shapes out of the middle with a Fruit & Cheese Cutter or a Biscuit Cutter.

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Kid Friendly Sandwiches  

Bananas for Granola

Coat banana halves in peanut butter, dip them in your favorite granola, then pop them in the freezer for a snack kids will go…you guessed it…bananas for!

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Granola Bananas  

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  1. Sue September 1, 2016 at 6:15 pm #

    Great, healthy snacks! I might just make myself a race car!

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