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8 Easy Snacks for Kids

Snacks are a big part of your child’s day. But during a busy week, it can be hard to find quick and easy snacks. It’s tempting to grab chips, crackers, or cookies to give them when you’re on the go. Even store-bought granola bars seem like a good choice until you read the nutrition label and discover they’re full of sugar.

It’s important to feel good about your kids’ snacks and confident in the ingredients. Check out these eight kid-friendly snack recipes and tips you and your family will love!

1. No-Bake Granola Bars

These chewy granola bars don’t require any baking time and are customizable. Throw the bars in your kids’ lunchboxes or have them ready for summer activities. The toasted oats give the bars a classic granola bar flavor when mixed with the brown sugar and honey. Shape your bars and freeze them with the help of a mold. They can stay in the fridge or at room temperature until your kids are ready to grab their treats.

2. Fruity French Toast Roll Ups

These feel like a treat, but the fresh fruit, low-sugar jam, and low-fat cream cheese make these a smarter snack option. The cornflake coating gets extra crunchy when baked on stoneware.

French Toast Rollups

3. Milk and Cereal Bars

Make your own milk and cereal bars at home with your kids. This homemade version is better for your family, but also fun to make! The bars are the perfect portable breakfast or on-the-go snack. The creamy nut butter and honey mixture will have your kids wanting more.

4. Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn can be a fast, healthy snack, and you don’t need to make it in a bag. The popcorn maker lets you eliminate extra butter and salt. Add your own unique seasoning or try one of these.

5. Breakfast Smoothie Quicksicles

Need a creative way to feed your kids more fruit? Try this frozen treat that’s filled with bananas and strawberries. Drizzle it with honey and top with granola for a little crunch.

6. Veggie Chips

Make healthy fruit and veggie chips at home that your kids can enjoy. Thinly slice their favorite fruits like apples and pears or veggies like sweet potatoes and kale and cook them in the oven on a baking pan. Take it one step further and make a homemade dipping sauce!

V-Shaped Baking Pans and Simple Slicer

7. Crinkle-Cut Fruits and Veggies

Make your kids’ snacks fun by cutting their food with a wavy crinkle cutter. It’s perfect for slicing fruits, veggies, cheese, and more into sticks or bite-sized pieces.

crinkle cutter with veggies

8. Custom Snack Bars

Get your kids more involved in the kitchen and eating healthy snacks by letting them help choose what will go into just-for-them snack bars. Here are a few kid-friendly snack bar combinations your little chefs can mix and match at home.

  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • cashews
  • sunflower seeds
  • granola
  • fresh berries
  • thinly sliced fruits
  • dried raisins
  • dried cherries
  • dried cranberries
  • small banana or apple chips
  • low-sugar cereals
  • pretzel
  • toasted coconut
  • yogurt chips

Stock up on these ingredients and you’ll have unlimited snacking options. See how some of the ideas shown here come to life with Food and Trend Innovator and registered dietitian Sandy Wolner in this episode of In the Kitchen With Pampered Chef.


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