Cereal Ice Cream Sandwiches

The 7 Coolest Summer Treats

After a day at the beach, an afternoon running through a sprinkler, or a backyard BBQ, we all like to take a break from the heat and cool off with a treat. Whether it’s ice cream or ice cream cake, refreshing popsicles or iced coffee, we have plenty of delicious, easy-to-make homemade treats for the whole family. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Homemade Ice Cream

Don’t wait in long lines in the summer heat to get your ice cream fix. Instead, make it at home. Homemade ice cream is tastier and more affordable than store-bought, and you can make it just the way your family likes it. Some of our favorites are blueberry, honey butter shortbread, and chai toffee chip. To help ice cream freeze more quickly with fewer ice crystals, use shallow, flat containers.

Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream

2. Bubble Waffle Cones

Our new obsession! Start with a waffle puff, add your favorite ice cream, and go crazy from there. Top with cookie pieces, sprinkles, fruit, crushed cereal, fudge, caramel, or whatever your heart desires.

bubble waffle cone

3. Easy Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

What can be better than ice cream? Ice cream sandwiches of course! These easy-to-assemble treats feature homemade cookies and come together quickly with a scoop of homemade ice cream. Replace the cookie with crushed cereal, and the kids will go wild!

Easy Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

4. Iced Coffee Variations

Save time and money by making your own cold brew or iced coffee at home. For an added treat, substitute almond, cashew, or coconut milk for your usual creamer. Pour leftover coffee into ice cube trays and freeze—this way you can  keep your iced coffee cold without watering it down.

Iced Coffee Variations

5. Frozen Custard

Frozen custard gets its rich, creamy texture from egg yolks. When you make your own, it starts out the consistency of soft serve. For a firmer, scoopable texture, put in the freezer at least two hours before serving.

Frozen Custard

6. Ice Cream Cake Made Easy

Strawberry Crunch Cake will remind you of the vintage strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, but tastes even better! Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake combines light and airy angel food cake and the classic flavors of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. The lovely presentation comes together in one pan which can be used for both baking the cake and freezing the finished dessert.

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

7. Homemade Popsicles

For something more flavorful than pre-packaged popsicles, make your own ice pops using your fresh ingredients. Have fun creating frozen treats, in as little as eight minutes, in a Quicksicle Maker. What popsicle flavors will you create? How about quick key lime, refreshing orange with fresh strawberries, or creamy and delicious Nutella®. For the grown-ups, coffee popsicles offer a cool, creamy little afternoon pick-me-up, and fresh berry lemonade can be made with Moscato wine for a little kick!

Berry Lemonade Quicksicles

Did you try any of these? Leave us a review on the recipe page and let us know what you thought!

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    All these look great. I don’t know about that cucumber lime

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    I bought the whipped cream maker but can not find the recipe

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