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3 Reasons to Host a Cooking Party

There are lots of ways to get dinner on the table: Meal subscription services, meal planning boards on Pinterest, cooking videos on YouTube, and, of course, there’s always carry-out. With unlimited meal planning resources at your fingertips, why does dinner still feel so difficult sometimes?

Good recipes and cooking tips feel hard to come by because at its core, cooking is a tradition of techniques and skills passed from person to person. The cooking lessons we take to heart are the ones we learn from a trusted guide. But in many homes, even necessary cooking skills aren’t passed down.

That’s why Pampered Chef believes in sharing and teaching cooking skills to bring friends and families together for mealtime. Our parties gather people to eat and learn in the place where the meals and memories take place—in the kitchen. Here are three reasons you should host a Pampered Chef party.

  • 1. Learn and Refresh Cooking Skills

    Pampered Chef parties give hosts and guests a chance to make a recipe and cook together. It’s a way for cooking novices and veteran home cooks to swap recipe ideas, food prep techniques, and time-saving tips in real time.

    Read how one POPSUGAR editor found new confidence in her meal-making thanks to guidance from her consultant.

    No matter how you entertain or what you want to learn about cooking, your consultant can serve up a cooking party theme and recipes to fit your style. Looking for easy appetizers and drink inspirations? Maybe you need practical family dinners. Or you and your friends are passionate about cooking healthier and from scratch. Even after the party, your consultant can provide recipes, advice, and product help when you need it.

  • 2. Test Kitchen Tools Before You Buy Them

    The weight of a knife and the durability of a skillet are sometimes hard to judge in a store or from reading online reviews. At a party, you and your friends will see well-loved tools tested every day in a consultant’s home kitchen. Your consultant shares his or her real-life cooking experiences, so you learn which products will best fit with your kitchen and cooking style.

  • 3. Stock Your Kitchen For Free

    It’s hard not to fall in love with a kitchen tool (or two) once your consultant shows you how they save you time and hassle. Luckily, you get great deals as a thank you for playing host. The average party host gets $165* in free products based on the sales at the party and a 10% discount for the entire year. That means deep discounts on that pizza stone you’ve wished for! If you pencil in a party this month, there’s a bonus special just for you. Your consultant will help you make the most of every party and let you know when special host deals are coming.

At the end of a party, you walk away with tips, techniques, and recipes to make dinnertime better. Planning, cooking, and cleaning up for meals sometimes feels difficult. But when you have high-quality kitchen tools, meal preparation becomes easier and faster. It’s what many consultants realize when they decide to start their businesses, too. As a host, you also get a unique, up close look at the consultant business. If running your own business has ever piqued your interest, hosting is great way to see if a Pampered Chef business is right for you.

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*Based on 2017 average guest sales. Includes monthly host special value.

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  1. Mary Garwood July 23, 2018 at 8:37 am #

    All the above reasons,: learn new cooking skills, test the product and how to use it and to get free product. Also love the recipe ideas given with products.

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