One Unique Way to Cover Wedding Costs

Pampered Chef Director Kelli Melo had already been loving the extra income from her business for about a year when she started planning her wedding and the budget. Her side business selling kitchen tools gave her the perfect way to make her dream wedding a reality.

Because consultants like Kelli can plan cooking parties or online virtual parties around a busy life, it’s possible to work a full-time career, while generating extra income to pay for things like a wedding dress and flowers, and still have time for wedding cake tastings! Watch Kelli share her story in her own words.

What are some ways you saved money while planning a wedding? Share in the comments!

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One Response to One Unique Way to Cover Wedding Costs

  1. Kathy April 25, 2018 at 8:06 am #


    Please tell more of her journey.

    How much time does she spend on her business? Planning & preparing for parties, conducting parties, follow up with customers etc

    What kind of parties?
    How much recruiting of other Consultants?

    What are some of those real costs. Investment of time, money etc


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