Mom Inspires Daughter’s Side-Gig

Macy Powell is like many young professionals balancing a full-time job and busy social life. She’s also a Pampered Chef consultant on the side. For the last three years, her side-business helped her reduce debts and earn extra cash to travel with her husband.

Of all the home-based business out there, Macy said Pampered Chef was the only choice. “I am actually considered a Pampered Chef baby,” she said. “My mom quit her full-time job when I was born to stay home with me and was introduced to Pampered Chef. I’ve been going to parties with her since I was 12.”

As an adult, Macy saw her mom’s Pampered Chef business wasn’t just for new moms. This business had the flexibility to match her own fast-paced life and small-business ambitions. “It’s great to own a business and be an entrepreneur,” Macy said. “I’ve discovered how rewarding it is to reach your goals.”

Hear Macy share her mother-daughter business story in her own words.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pampered Chef as a side-gig, take a look at our Be a Consultant page.

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