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Women of Pampered Chef

What Empowerment Looks Like to Us

In 1980, Doris Christopher was looking for a way to contribute to her household income without sacrificing time with her two young daughters. With that goal in mind, she created Pampered Chef. Thirty-eight years later, Doris’ dream to live life on her own terms inspires tens of thousands of people
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Pampered Chef Party

Love Letters to Consultants

See what customers have to say about their favorite consultants and how they deliver one-of-a-kind, personal shopping experiences.
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Cooking Party Image Courtesy of POPSUGAR

3 Reasons to Host a Cooking Party

Get together to eat with friends and learn about cooking in your kitchen. Here's why you should host a Pampered Chef cooking party.
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Melissa and her family

Summer Hunger: No School Means No Lunch

Melissa is a busy mom of three who works part-time serving lunches at her children’s school. When she was asked to volunteer for a new mobile food pantry, she was eager to help but had one nagging question: Could her family receive the food, too? “Things had been tight for
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Real Stories of Hunger: Zoey

Ending Summer Hunger: A Girl’s Message of Thanks [Video]

At first, Zoey seems like your typical 11-year-old. She rides her bike, plays at the playground, and makes crafts from buttons. But she also worries about her mom.
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