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How to Bake Fish in Foil Packets

Making fish in foil packets might be the easiest way we know to cook fish! It’s fast, easy, delicious, and makes almost no dirty dishes! Easy Fish Packets Place each fish fillet on top of a piece of foil. Brush with butter and add some veggies if you’d like before sealing the packets. Bake or […]

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Slow Cooker Hacks and Recipes

There’s nothing like coming home to a hot meal, especially one you can prep in advance and cook when your schedule is full. With our amazing small appliances, you can make a tasty slow-cooked meal that doesn’t require too much of your time. Here are some hacks and recipes to get you started! 1. Easy Prep, […]

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What Is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide (pronounced ‘sue-veed’) is a French phrase for under vacuum. In sous vide cooking, food is sealed in a bag without air (or with as little air as possible!), immersed in a water bath, and then cooked at a precise, steady temperature.  Water transmits and holds heat well, so sous-vide cooking brings your food up […]

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Pampered Chef’s Story: Yesterday & Today

In 1980, Doris Christopher’s youngest daughter was ready to start school, and Doris was ready to go back to work. She was looking for a challenging, satisfying way to have the flexibility to be there for her daughters. Back then, positions like that were hard to find—so she created the opportunity she was looking for. […]

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What is Braising?

Braising means searing or browning an ingredient to develop color and flavor, then simmering it in a flavorful liquid, so the food becomes tender. Reasons to Braise Braising is one of our favorite ways to make meat that’s packed with flavor or some incredibly delicious veggies and lentils. Braising might sound like some next-level French […]

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